Kirby Panel Chrome Extension

Hey everyone,

I put together this little Chrome extension as a helper for a client so they can quickly flip between the front end of the site and the Panel.

Figured it might be useful for someone else, and sidesteps adding an edit button into the page layout.

Wasn’t sure about an icon for it so just used a dark version of the Kirby icon. Open to suggestions.



Since I use Firefox, I can not use this extension.

But with all browsers everybody can use an older post here: HowTo: Working with contextual links to the panel.

Thanks for the link @anon77445132, I hadn’t seen that post. Great implementation.

There’s also bookmark version for other browsers. I had a spare hour this afternoon and was curious about how you go about setting up a Chrome extension. Perhaps a Firefox extension next… :wink:

I don’t know what it should do but I get an icon and when I click it get come to an 404 error page:

@jenstornell: Well, you should only click on it if you are on a Kirby website.

What it does is, it takes your currently opened window location and adds a panel link to it (only works if your installation is on a domain or similar, not on localhost when using subfolders for your projects). Have a look at the bookmark…

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I see. Now it works, kind of. I use routed urls so I always jump to a panel error page. Interesting idea anyway. :slight_smile:

@jenstornell Thanks for taking a look. I’ve updated the store to better describe it’s intended use.

It would be interesting to work out a way to resolve for people using routed URLs. The sites I am using it with at the moment are relatively straight forward Kirby builds.

I’ve opened an Issue regarding the 404’s would be great to remove those, as they are not helpful at all.