Plugin: ImageOptim API – File-Method

Kirby CMS file method to optimize images using ImageOptim PHP API within your template code.


In your site/config.php activate the plugin and set the ImageOptim API key.

c::set('plugin.imageoptim', true); // default is false
c::set('plugin.imageoptim.apikey', 'YOUR_API_KEY_HERE');

The plugin adds a $myFile->imageoptim() function to $file objects.

// get any image/file object
$myFile = $page->file('image.jpg');

// get url (on your webserver) for optimized thumb
$url = $myFile->imageoptim();

// echo the url as image
$img = brick('img')
	->attr('src', $url)
	->attr('alt', $myFile->filename());
echo $img;

Changing width, height and/or fitting is also supported. Modifying dpr and quality setting as well.

// fit to 400px width
$url = $myFile->imageoptim(400);

// fit to 400px width and 300px height
$url = $myFile->imageoptim(400, 300);

// crop to 800x600px dimension
$url = $myFile->imageoptim(800, 600, 'crop');

// fit to 400px width and 300px height at 2x dpr
$url = $myFile->imageoptim(400, 300, 'fit', 2);

// fit to 400px width and 300px height at 2x dpr and 'high' quality
$url = $myFile->imageoptim(400, 300, 'fit', 2, 'high'); 

just updated my plugin:

  • option to use {filename}-{hash} instead of just {hash}
  • option to return media object instead of url
  • basic srcset support for lazyloading with libs like lazysizes or lozad.

to give credits here: my srcset code is mostly based on @azharc’s kirby-srcset plugin.

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