Plugin Ideas for the Panel

I was thinking about a few plugins recently. Do you have an idea for a plugin?

  1. Panel TODO: part of the Panel that tracks to do items, either within code, or separate from code, perhaps specific to editor/site manager tasks. Assigned editors?
  2. Panel Schedule: Add helpful list of dates, or tasks that have dates. This could reflect when the above TODOs are due, or separate functionality, like downtime, launch dates, revisions, etc. You could say that GitHub already solves for this functionality, but perhaps editors of a site aren’t comfortable using GitHub’s functionality, or similar argument, for example. Perhaps this data could actually pull from GitHub?

That’s all I can recall right now. I’ll add to this as needed.

I don’t know if the panel has it already, but how about a serviceworker that would enable offline editing (and once you’re online again all the edits and content could be committed and uploaded).

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Hey @flobin, we don’t have that yet. And I am not sure about the yet part, I think it’s a great feature for single editor installations, but can become horror with multiple users and merge conflicts. Ideas always welcome!

I hadn’t actually considered merge conflicts. Good point!

Perhaps only changes could be synced and then reviewd Ă  la Git? Or it could be a feature (or plugin) that you could enable or disable. Or, once a user has ownership of a page or post, it could disable editing for other users.