Php log error when uploading files on live server


Whenever I upload a file to my live server the panel won’t show an error, the uploaded file just doesn’t appear. It doesn’t happen on my local server. My live server does give the following errors and a few more:

mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Kirby\\Panel\\f' not found in [server]/src/panel/upload.php:14, referer: [page]

mod_fcgid: stderr: Stack trace:, referer: [page]

My .htaccess is set up correctly, php version is 7.0, it has nothing to do with the memory_limit, post_max_size and upload_max_filesize. Any ideas on an alternative cause?

Are you sure all core (/kirby) and panel (/panel) files are in your website folder?

Thanks for the quick reply @bvdputte.

Yes I’m sure all files are present, the website works if I copy it from the live server to my local server.

Do you have the same PHP version locally and on the webserver (which versions)?

I’m using 7.0 on my live server and 7.1.6 locally. If I try to upload a file with 7.0 locally it still works. The host doesn’t support 7.1.6, but I’ll try to contact them if it’s possible to see if that does work live.

hmmmm. 7.0 should work I believe. I’m afraid I’m out of clues :thinking:

Could you please try to upload a fresh Starterkit and check if the error persists?

I’ll give it a try @texnixe, thanks.

I’ve tried to install a fresh Starterkit, but I still can’t upload an image.

Do you get the same error message? Have you installed the latest Kirby version?

I currently get the following error:

500 POST /test/panel/pages/projects/project-a/upload?csrf=PLjPsV8Pof17HxraOGaxfu5RlJXtYhZV HTTP/1.1

What happens in your network tab while trying to upload an image?

Could you try if you can upload an image with a simple upload script (i.e. not using Kirby/the Panel)?

I tried a simple upload script and found out php’s file_uploads has been turned of by the host without notifying me. Thanks for the help!