Error when uploading file: “The upload failed”

The error message “The upload failed” appears after I try to upload an image using the Kirby panel (the green progress bar fills all the way before the message appears).

This problem only occurs when I try to upload a file through the Kirby panel on my Godaddy server. I don’t have any problem uploading a file using the same Kirby files when using the website served up locally on my laptop via MAMP.

This seems to be user and/or permission related, so I’ve checked to ensure that all directories in the site on my Godaddy server have the permission “755” set. The root folder for this Kirby site on my Godaddy server is password protected, so I’ve also tried disabling this—file uploads via the Kirby panel still failed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you checked your server log files for any error messages? Maybe it’s a file size problem on the server side …

I ran into/resolved the file size issue on another install of Kirby on my server, so it’s definitely not that—plus the size of the image is less than 1 MB.

There isn’t any mention of the issue I’m having in the error logs on my server either (I’m getting an error note of “400 (Bad Request)” in the console.

Have you been able to resolve this problem? If so, could you share what the problem was?

The problem still persists as described in my initial post above, but I’ve since moved the kirby website in question to the client’s server and the issue disappeared. To me, this means it has to do specifically w/ my shared hosting server on GoDaddy, but I can’t determine what would cause this issue.

Maybe the “memory_limit”, “post_max_size” and “upload_max_filesize” on that shared server is very limited? Try contacting your host and ask them to increase those limits, just to see if it gets that working.

I had that same problem on two different servers and manually changed the php.ini configuration file, confirming the solution.

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