Performance when calling several things


I have been wondering. When i try to write a template for a landing page and i am calling several things all over ( first images, thumbnails, text and other fields from diffrent sub-sites) I feel like kirby is behaving sluggish.

Is anyone else experiencing this? What can help to prevent this from occuring?

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First time you call a thumb it creates a thumbnail - which takes some time. But from that point on forward, it should be as fast as your server can manage.
I’ve never experienced slow execution of kirby templates (Well, static sites are always faster)
Is this on your local machine or also an a production server?
And have you tried caching?


I am aware that thumbnail generation will take some time. I learned it the hard way when programming a galeria and running it the first time with 500+ pictures.

Static sites feel lot of faster too, but obviously it requires less processing i guess. I used a small code snippet from the old forums to call several pictures from diffrent pages, in all other instances where basically the same thing ( but only pictures one page ) is being called it’s not as sluggish.

Pulling from subpages shouldn’t really be a problem:

At we use subpages as kinda page module section so the main pages will actually render (almost) all subpages as sections, using a respective snippet instead of the standalone template. So most of these sites pull images, text… from multiple subpages, as well as other pages’ subpages and so on.

And the only times I really feel Kirby is sluggish, is when new thumbnails need to be generated. Otherwise it’s just quick.

Do you have an (online) example that we could check?

I have just taken a look and saw there was no “thumbs” folder. However the code was trying to generate thumbnails. Basically what’s gonna happen if it tries to generate but can’t do?

I imagine it’ll try, then abort and output the original files?

Anyways seems like a quick fix now. Not the mistakes I am used to. …

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