Website takes 15 seconds to load

I made a portfolio website for an artist friend. But the homepage takes ages to load. When it does load after about 15 seconds, everything is fine. I tried switching PHP versions on the host, but nothing works.

Is there a fix?

It’s loading less than 1 second now.

Regarding the slowing on the first launch;
If your images are too large, it may be because the cropping process takes a long time.

i would suspect generation of thumbs to be the issue for a longer loading time. there are ways to pre-generate these a) when uploading an image in the panel or b) a panel button or c) using a cron job.

further reading…

Looks like this is in the wrong category, as you are on Kirby 2, not Kirby 3. Doesn’t help if we provide Kirby 3 solutions.

There used to be a plugin for Kirby 2 that allowed you to pre-generate thumbs from the panel as well.