Performance (many subpages within thumbs)

Hi all,
I have page within about 70 subpages here:
Template images are gererated within thumb function.

Loading is super slow and I dont know if it’s my fault or there is some Kirby limitations (number of subpages or thumb gererations - maybe size of original images).

Thanks for any suggestion


Hm, the thumbs are only created once, so that can slow down your site on first loading, which is usually done by yourself. So even if the original images are big, that should not affect the final page.

Showing 70+ subpages, however, can slow your page down, because all the html needs to be generated and then the images need to be loaded.

Maybe you can use caching and/or pagination to improve load times.

Thumbs - I thought so.
Images are lazy loaded, so only first 3, maybe 6 images are loaded before scroll.

Do you test my dev page? What do you think about loading time?


I also thinking about caching, but i can’t use pagination because I use isotope for filter content on this page.

Hm, my first try in Safari was very slow, in Chrome and Firefox it was ok, I think; there was a short lag, but then the page loaded pretty fast …


After looking at your thumbs paths, I am quite sure, that you don’t use the actual Kirby version.

Did you test the newest Kirby version?

According to the new Kirby version has new thumb methods…

Good luck!

I’ll try… and then let you know

I think it’s better. Folder structure also helps, i had many images in thumbs folder togehter…

Is there some close option for this topic?