panelBar 2.0 beta - Testers and Contributors

I started working on a version 2 of the panelBar plugin in 2015. Yes, way too long ago. Within the last days I found some time and finally brought the panelBar plugin to a state that I might want to consider a beta. It has been a complete rewrite with lots of code improvements, more stable ways of create custom elements and a lot more.

Now I am looking for people who are eager to actually get a working panelBar plugin and who would be willing to help testing, bring up ideas, contribute… You really do not have to be a great coder, finding bugs, giving suggestions about improvements and new features are as welcome as bugfixes and pull requests.

You can find the panelBar 2.0.0 beta on its develop branch:


Looks great. I’ll try it and give you feedback as soon as possible.

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I’ll also try to test it, hope to find the time next weekend.

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Looks great, a client of mine could like it. Is there a way to contribute translations?

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Translations are not yet in place, I opened an issue and will try to implement a way to provide translations for elements as well as core translations soon.


Version 2 got released (only half a year later :laughing:): panelBar 2 – like an old friend you haven't seen in years!