Panel Usability Requests

Since My Panel Wischlist receives some comments, I’d like to create a separate topic for Usability Improvements for the panel.
These are small things that improve your workflow, no big feature requests.
(They’re not always easy to implement, but that’s another topic)

  • easier handling of structures field data
  • clearer navigation / breadcrumb
  • not deleting content, if adding/editing an image
  • saving via cmd + s

Allow $site to have sub-pages for categorization of site settings.

Right now I have a page (settings) with subpages (general, header
(branding, navigation), footer), a custom panel field (hidepage) and
modified /panel/app/snippets/pages/sidebar/subpage.php that won’t
display pages if hidepage is true. To access the pages I had to build a
custom widget. So now I have two widgets on home page, "site options"
and “site settings”.

Edit: A possible alternative would be the ability to group fields into categories that in the panel show as accordions or tabs, so all the information doesn’t have to display at once.

There is the headline field type, which can be used to organize fields within the Panel. The sections are automatically numbered, and even support the help flag within Blueprints to offer in-context help for each section. In general, experimenting with the width and help properties for all fields, and combining those descriptions with line and heading field types makes large sets of fields much more user friendly.

This has made some longer pages (particularly in long-scroll sites) much more manageable.

Thanks, I already use those within each category but Im looking further division to prevent long scrolling setting pages. Adding headlines increases the length of the page, it doesn’t make it shorter… Though it does help break it up with recognizable visual cues.