Custom panel - In detail

I know there are some plans on customizing the panel. How is not so clear. Here is my suggestion for it.

All the green surfaces are stuff that could be edited. More info below the image.


  • Add, remove and edit items. Maybe filter some kind of array or object.
  • Don’t forget multi language support.
  • Maybe control it per type. It can be a page, file, dashboard etc.
  • Maybe control it per user or user permission.


Why would you need to change that you might think. I’ve been in a few scenarios where a page is just a placeholder and not need to be listed. For example the Calendar board, read “breadcrumb and hack”.

Else it would have quite the same features as menu. Read above.


Change everything in the sidebar with some kind of widgets. Read this:


Now you can have a single field on a page to simulate an admin page. I think it would be even greater if there was a way to create admin pages in a more native way. Maybe that are reached from the sidebar in a special section if they are added in the blueprint, or in the menu, or anywhere by a blueprint setting.

What do you think? Do you have any inside information on what of these is on going?

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