Custom admin pages

Here is a hotlinked screenshot from

Add custom admin pages

With custom admin pages I mean to add own panel admin pages, with a plugin.

Add stuff to the menu

The hamburger icon can be left alone. The breadcrumb place and the zoom glass place could be used to add custom menu items.

The menu items could lead to another admin page, or an external call, or maybe an internal Ajax call.

Add stuff to the sidebar

We could add widgets on the left side. Probably the best use would be to click on a link and change the content / admin page to the right.

Add stuff to the main

The big main to the right. It could have custom tables, stats, information, iframes, tools etc. It would probably contain larger more awesome stuff perfect for plugins.

Button callbacks

A click might lead to change the admin main page. To do that we need a standard way.

A click might lead to an external API. To do that we need a standard way.

  • URL for panel Ajax or callbacks.
  • Result

Edit the default admin pages


It would also be nice to edit the current stuff. Maybe I want to remove the “Delete this page” link, or replace it with something else. It this case it could be an array or object to modify.

There is much that can be done. I feel the panel is very nice but it can not be modified that much.

I like the idea. Another useful feature would be to restrict editing to certain pages for a defined user role.

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