Panel stays blank after logon

Dear, today I noted that gives me a blank page after filling in my credentials and trying to logon. It worked before, for months, even a couple years now. A few days ago I used the panel to made some content changes to the website, so it definitely worked a couple days ago. I didn’t changed anything on the server the last weeks. So no clue where to start… other topics concerning this subject didn’t help me.

Thanks in advance!

Kirby version: 2.5.6

As a first step I’d check the php error logs on the server.

Did your server’s PHP get upgraded perhaps? Definitely look into the Webserver’s logs as well as PHP’s (if not the same).

Seems to be the problem indeed. The PHP version was upgraded to php 8.1 last week. Downgraded it to 7.4 again, and now it works again.

Any possibility to get it to work on php 8.0? Any information I can read or where you can refer to?

Thanks in advance!

Kirby 2 doesn’t support PHP 8.x, support for Kirby 2 ended on December 31, 2020. If you want to use current PHP versions, you would have to upgrade to Kirby 3.