Panel sidebar image drop to textarea field creating kirbytag broken?

in 2.4.1 is i can not get dropping an image from the sidebar to create a image tag anymore (safari and firefox)? when was this removed? or did i break anything?

@jenstornell once did trackdown the code involved… maybe this helps?

Are you using any plugins that might somehow interfere? Do you have the same problem with a fresh Starterkit?

silly me. why do i always forget to check with a clean installation. :blush:

yes, i do use plugins. upon closer inspection it seems @jenstornell 's headlinejump plugin is the culprit.

I have no computer access for a few days but if you want to experiment the script is not that long or complicated.

Thanks for the issue report and your latest donation. :slight_smile:

I did a quick test with a 2.4.1 Starterkit and the headline jump plugin and can’t reproduce the issue. Also, the javascript does not really look like it would interfere with the drag & drop functionality?

if i remove the plugin from the blueprint the issue goes away in my setup. thats a pretty strong indicator imho. but i will do some more testing. thanks @texnixe for trying with a clean installation.

Oh, sorry, I was being stupid (forgot to add the field :tired_face:), you are right, it does not work.

@bnomei @texnixe

I added a fix. The new version should work now.

it does. thanks. and some chars.