Writing content in mobile browser - How to add images?

I’m writing Kirby blog posts using mobile Safari. I can upload an image in the panel sidebar, but it seems like the only way to add an image to a post is to drag the image from the sidebar into the blog post body. I can’t do this on a mobile browser.

I tried simply writing an image tag, (image: name-of-file.jpg), but then the image file isn’t loaded on the page preview. It seems like Kirby does more than just enter the file name when an image is dragged over. That’s fine. Is there a method to add an image to a page on a mobile browser? Thanks!

I must admit, ive never actually tried doing this on mobiles. You might try the Markdown field that has a button for images in the toolbar that might be more convineint for mobiles.

I have not personally tried it but im guessing if you hit that button it will ask you to pick from those that have been uploaded.

Not sure why that kirby tag didnt work for you. Could you give more info, perhaps screen shots?

I just tried the kirby tag on the Apple Simulator (Iphone 8 iOS 14.1) and the tag worked fine, using the standard Kirby textarea field. It should work also if you hit the Paper clip icon on the toolbar.

Im a bit confused when you say it works if you drag from the sidebar, and your last post was 3 years ago. Is this a kirby 3 question, or Kirby 2(dragging over from the sidebar was possible in Kirby 2)?

Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 22.17.06

Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 22.18.24

The Markdown field plugin does the trick. I had it installed but hadn’t added the images button.
Yes, this is for Kirby 3. With a touch interface, click-and-drag isn’t available as far as I can tell. The button does what I need, thanks.

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