Inline images removing html formatting

Hi all -

I’ve got an issue that when I drag an image into the text field from the files list, or even just use the (image: photname.jpg) shortcode, my text looks fine in the editor but renders with all html formatting stripped on the frontend, therefore just serving up a big load of text.

I’ve tried both the '‘wysiwyg’ and ‘markdown’ plugins but still get the same issue, so something is happening with my actual kirby install, but not sure what!

Any ideas?

Do you use the kirbytext() method to output the contents of the field?

I’m using <?= $page->text()->kirbytext() ?>


Does this only happen when you add an image tag? Does the field render correctly with all formatting and HTML tags without the image tag added?

Are you using any plugins that might do crazy stuff with your installation.

Of course, you could also try with removing the Kirby and Panel folders and replace with new ones.

False alarm. All sorted. No idea what was causing it but restarted MAMP and all fine. Definitely a weird one!