Put kirbytext formatting in an info field as plaintext?

I’m trying to setup instructions for posting in the info section of a template I’m building. I need to tell users how to add a class to an image, but when I write

(image: imagename.jpg class: classname)

it shows up in the panel as

<figure class="classname"><img alt="" src="http://localhost:8888/kirby/imagename.jpg"></figure>

I have tried using the code tags, but the only way I can figure out how to NOT use kirbytext is to add spaces, but that defeats the purpose of having an example for users to follow.

How can I write an example of Kirbytext for users to follow?

You can work around this problem by replacing the opening parenthesis with &lpar;

    headline: Info
    type: info
    text: |
      To add an image, use &lpar;image: imagename.jpg class: classname)