Images inserted via markdown missing after site uploaded to server

I’m here with a potentially embarrassingly simple issue, but I run out of clue so here we go.
I made a kirby site, all great, then I upload it to the server, and every field which contained image inserted like this: (image: 1.jpg) etc, went blank.
They all work in my local version.
I know that the first possible solution is ‘something is up with the server’ – but any ideas what? All other features, including images feeding from stylesheets and html are doing okay…

What shows up in the source code? Is the Kirbytag transformed into an image tag at all? Does the image link, if present, contain a link to an image? An incorrect link?

That’s the thing — nothing shows up. The whole text field (it’s a page with several textarea input fields) is wiped blank, there’s just an empty <p></p>

Does this only happen with image tags or with other tags as well?

Also: Have you verified that the images have all been uploaded and to the correct directories?

@lukasbestle: That’s what I thought as well, but even if the image does not exist, Kirby usually renders an image tag and the page would show a missing image.

I came back to the issue today, and it seems that all kirbytags for rendering media are triggering the same reaction. However, text formatting like paragraphs, lists, italics etc are doing just fine.
Inserting image or video turns the whole input from a given textarea into an empty p tag.
The images are in correct directories – perhaps any more ideas as to why this is happening?

I must admit that I have never come across this issue before.

If no Kirbytags at all are rendered, then something is missing or corrupted. Do you get any php error messages (turn on debugging in your config.php or check out your server php logs). You may also try to install a fresh copy of the Kirby folder.

The strange issue continues…
I set out with fresh kirby and panel folders, but the (image: ___ ) and (video: ___ ) are behaving like they used to, not turning into tags and causing everything below it not to render at all.

It’s Apache 2.4.6 wit PHP 5.4.16, so in theory it should be smooth, but it’s consistently throwing that error:

[:error] [pid 19566] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Class 'DOMDocument' not found in /var/www/html/kirby/vendors/parsedownextra.php on line 465

…what does that mean?

The line that’s being named in the error is

$DOMDocument = new DOMDocument;

That seems to be an issue with your hosting environment. The class DOMDocument is a built-in class to PHP but can be disabled when compiling PHP.

Could you please contact your hosting provider and ask them whether they can re-enable the DOM extension?

Thank you! It has been enabled, so now my info.php displays this

and the previous error has been removed, but now there is a new one, coulpe lines down causing the same effect:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_convert_encoding() in /var/www/html/kirby/vendors/parsedownextra.php on line 468

which is:

$elementMarkup = mb_convert_encoding($elementMarkup, 'HTML-ENTITIES', 'UTF-8');

I never changed anything in that file.

Also: the dom was set up according to these instructions:
sudo yum install php-xml

That’s another required PHP module for Kirby: The Multibyte String module. :smiley:

Thank you for the patience, it works now!
And for future reference, anyone using kirby on Amazon aws + Red Hat
needs to enable these two modules, the mb-string can be fixed like this:
yum-config-manager --enable rhui-REGION-rhel-server-extras rhui-REGION-rhel-server-optional
Thanks again!!