Image not appearing via markdown

Hi, newbie question.

I’m having an issue with an image not appearing in markdown. I’m using the straight forward (image: myimage.jpg) in a custom data field called myText, which is then called into the page via <?php echo $page->mytext()->markdown() ?>

It seems like it is rendering the markdown for paragraphs lists but nothing for anything in parentheses. it does however print out (image: myimage.jpg) on the page.

Any ideas how to solve it?

FYI I’m using Gulp with gulp-php, and the kirby starterkit.

It has to be:

<?php echo $page->mytext()->kirbytext() ?>

Kirbytext is an extension of Markdown that adds the Kirbytag syntax. Markdown alone doesn’t have support for that.

Ahh ok, works. I didn’t realise that. Thank for that ::