Panel problems on IE 11 - any way to get it running?

Hello together,

coming from this page, I know the panel seems not to be supported on internet explorer 11, but as we have some clients still relying on ie11 internally, I’m trying to see if there’s any way to get it running.

This is where the debugger on ie11 stops (browserstack, local via php -S localhost:8000 kirby/router.php but happens on the different live systems as well)

Did anybody solve this yet or do you have any information on this? Could we use another babel-preset/polyfill at the compiling of the panel (had no luck yet)?

Thanks in advance, maybe I’m lucky and somebody did successfully encounter this already.


Do they not have Edge installed? Looking at the screenshot, it’s seems it’s a newish version of windows.

Thanks for your response! The screenshot is taken out of browserstack, not a clients computer.
I’m sure most of them have edge installed, but 1) some of our clients have some kind of medium sized structure where it is hard to dictate browser usage
and 2) our internal development policy supports ie11 (as end of life is bound to windows10/windows server 2016), thus we’re not sure going full kirby3 or tending kirby2 in case we can’t get it running.