Panel plugin not appearing?

I had a custom plugin working which would appear in the top-left dropdown menu and go to a view along the lines of:


panel.plugin("hello/example", {
  views: {
    test: {
      label: "Test",
      icon: "globe",
      component: {
        template: `
          <k-view class="k-golive-view">

I can’t pinpoint an exact moment but it appears that updating to 3.6 caused this to disappear and the plugin is no longer working. Did something change with how panel plugins are registered?

Note that in major versions breaking changes can occur, therefor always check out the changelogs, in this case you can find all changes here: Kirby 3.6 | Kirby CMS

Views were replaced with Panel areas: Panel areas | Kirby CMS, therefore your plugin won’t work anymore.

More documentation:

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Ah yes, thank you. I hadn’t realized it was a breaking change (of course it is listed under Breaking).

Migrating to the new system wasn’t only very smooth but also exciting to see how effective this structure can be!

Thank you @texnixe