Kirby3 Panel Plugin - ... is not defined

Hi all,

i would like to create my first panel plugin for kirby 3 and i struggle a little.
With documentations help i get the plugin working inside the panel as separate option but if i try to add a ui kit component like k-text-field i get … is not defined.


Is there some tutorial or small documentation for this?

Thanks very much in advance

Can you please share the code you’ve written? Seems like the field is missing a prop or something.

Hi Sylvain,

Yes sure…

panel.plugin("docono/company-info", {

// Panel View
views: {
    company: {
        label: "Company",
        icon: "cog",
        component: {
            template: `
                <k-view class="k-company-view">
                        {{ $t('companyTitle') }}

                        <k-column width="1/2">
                            <k-text-field v-model="text" name="text" label="Boring text" />

I just did a copy & paste text field from documentation UI Kit. Maybe i missed something and i have to register fields or have to compile the code. I just need a little guideline how to make things happend :slight_smile:

Thank you

Now i did some more research and found out that almost every Panel Plugin i saw reference to a standard .vue file which has the template code inside like any other VUE application.

But if this is the way to go… the Kirby docs are confusing me