Missing stack trace on plugin panel view error

Currently, there are no error logs/traces when your custom panel plugin view has an error. For example:

plugin’s index.js:

panel.plugin('hdodov/myplugin', {
  views: {
    myplugin: {
      label: 'MyPlugin',
      component: {
        created () {

If I open the panel, all I see is this:


Which isn’t helpful… I should get something like:

Uncaught ReferenceError: foo is not defined

Which exact Kirby 3 version are you using? I thought we fixed this in one of the latest patch releases. But I might be mistaken.

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composer.json in the kirby folder has version set to 3.0.1

Yep, that is indeed fixed. I had to switch to version 3.0.3