Panel not working on Mac + Apache + PHP (No MySQL)

I have a few issues:

  1. Why promote with “file-based” and then explain that I should install the much-overhead MAMP?

  2. I run a mac, with Apache 2 and PHP enabled. That should be enough no?

  3. The homepage works, but the Panel not: NOT FOUND


  1. MAMP is not a requirement, just a recommendation.
  2. That should be enough.
  3. Make sure that mod_rewrite is enabled and that overriding server settings via .htaccess is possible.

Edit: You may want to check out this thread as well: 404 on /panel page for setup

I don´t know your exact setup, but I´m also developing on my Mac locally without any “stunts” or additional software.
Another hint would be to set the right rewrite base, if you are accessing kirby in something like localhost/folder.

I used this guide found on the web without all the mySQL stuff and it works just fine.

I just tested a current project on the “inbuilt” apache server and did not have any problems either with the panel or subpages when everything is configured correctly. The only problem I ran into was gd not working with png files as it turns out that Apple failed to compile support for png files into php 5.

Edit: Looks like this problem will be solved with the next OS X version, otherwise you need to install another php version.

Maybe you have a similar setup?

This was the answer for me: Add these options to your Apache folder configuration:

Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride All