Panel multiselect field with custom color selection

Trying to figure out how to combine Panel Multiselect with Color picker field.
Goal is to pick color and add as multiselect item. I guess main problem is - how to provide color picker as multiselect option…
Will appreciate any advice in which direction to look…

Hm, I somehow miss the point, how can the color picker field which stores a single value only, serve as input for a multiselect field?


Currently I need to hardcode / define each color as multiselect option… but idea is to provide abbility to choose any color from color picker and add its single value to multiselect

So you have something like 10 different color pickers and want to combine the values from these 10 fields into options for the multiselect?

Please provide more detailed information about the desired setup.

Goal is to provide for users ability to create custom color palette by choosing any color. It could be 10 colors, it could be 20 colors.

Currently thinking of adding structure field where each entry would have color picker…

I see, then you could pluck the values from this structure field. See multiselect field docs about how to fetch options.

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So created subpage for each color and for palette added structure field. Only problem, that in structure field color code is not showing next to color block.

So in parent page have pages section:

And child page looks like this:

Structure field, when editing looks like this. It was necessary to add additional input to duplicate color code, so it would be visible in structure table: