Naming a color field (Kirby 4)

Hi, the color field is a lovely new feature in Kirby 4. Will there be the possibility to name the colors in the panel? Right now it’s only possible to pre-define colors in the blueprint with names.


I’m afraid I don’t understand the question. Name them where?

In the panel I can select a color with the color picker. But I also would love to give the color a name, e.g. “Cherry” for #DD0000. Right now this seems only possible to do in the blueprint with pre-defined colors. In the panel there then is a light-grey title for the color. My goal is to display the selected color together with a custom chosen name (e.g. Cherry) in the frontend after choosing and name it in the panel.


In that case it would probably make sense to combine the color with a field for the color name in either a structure field (for multiple colors), or in an object field (for a single color).