Color picker with limited options

Does anybody know of a way to add a color picker in the panel that would allow me to enter a handful of colors to choose from for a field? I know about the color picker extension, but that seems to allow users to pick any color, and I want to limit it based on branding for the fields I’m thinking of.

I can always just do a list of radio buttons with text information, but I’d like to have color thumbnails.

Maybe this one?

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That looks perfect, thanks. Guess I should have been searching for color list instead of color picker.

Now to see if I can use this in concert with the builder plugin, but I fear not.

I’d be interested to hear your feedback if you end up using this :wink:
Thanks @jenstornell for sharing it.


Just tested it and it works great, even with this



There is a custom option to allow the radio buttons to be unselected (with js), unset:
BUG This feature currently only works visually. Help needed!

Sorry I cannot agree to your bug, tested with Firefox 48.0.2 and XAMPP localy on Windows:
it works and removes the field “color” in the content file. You have to click twice on the last selected color to unselect this color and then save the page in the panel.

I’m going to have to investigate this. Thanks for reporting it @anon77445132 :wink:

Yes, but even when you click twice, the checkbox is visually unchecked but if you save the page it will be checked again. I just tried in FF too just to be sure.

I use the colorlist and change it in kirby but it does not come along with the picked color.
Not sure if i have miss something?

I don’t understand what you mean?