Panel: Intermittent hung requests

I am experiencing intermittent hung requests when using the panel and submitting changes like edit/delete etc.

When I check in the chrome network inspector, I only see ‘stalled, CAUTION request is not finished yet!’

There is no timeout and no error message coming back from the connection. When it does work, it works fast and fine. I have tested this on multiple machines.

Any idea how to troubleshoot something like this?

(fyi I am using the latest Kirby beta on PHP 7.0.0 with a large site that contains thousands of pages)

This does not seem to be a problem with Kirby itself.

I had written a plugin that is able to play sound files that you have included with the page. It seems that chrome was preloading the mp3, and for some reason not closing the connection. Every edit/delete operation caused chrome to preload another audio, but keep the connection open. Since chrome only allows up to 6 connections at a time, it was causing further edit/delete connections to stall. Adding preload=“none” to the audio tag fixed things for me.

Still, might it be an idea to add a timeout to the panel requests?