Panel does not work without URL rewriting

Hello all !

I’m trying Kirby 2 after using Kirby 1 a few years ago on a couple of projects.

The environment I’m installing Kirby 2 is constrained, I cannot use the .htaccess. To accomodate with that, I added a line to config.php :


The website works well. On the other hand, the panel doesn’t work, as all the links and forms are rewritten and don’t use /panel/index.php in their urls.
How should I modify routes.php to accommodate with that ?

Thanks !

The Panel currently requires rewriting and is not compatible with the rewrite=false option unfortunately.

OK, thanks… good thing I can edit via FTP then !

I will leave this open though because it is an issue and could be fixed in a future version. No promises though. :slightly_smiling:

Oh, ok ! Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling: