Page with a different Layout?

I’m new here. I want to create a Page different from the Default that I can add to the Menu without using a Children Page. What’s the best way to do this?


If you don’t want a child page, you can create a sibling page. The name of the text file determines the name of the template file that will be used, e.g. if you have a content file called blog.txt, Kirby will check if a template called blog.php exists and then use that to output the content. If not, it will fall back to the default template.

Don’t know if this answers your question. If not, could you pls. explain in more detail what you want to achieve?

Thanks! I find out in the blueprint of site.php I can add more pages in: pages: default so doing that I can create new pages using a different template than the default. It works, but not sure if that’s the proper way.

In the site.php blueprint you can define what sort of templates/blueprints you can use for the pages on the first level, exactly, e.g. like this to define multiple possible templates to choose from:

    - project
    - article
    - contact

This is exactly what I needed it. Thanks!! :grinning: