Page titles with the same name (for blogs, article or event lists)


i have several events and articles (mean pages) with the same name and i am struggling with the fact, that in Kirby same page titles mean same uids, which is not possible, right?

As a unique criteria a date would be okay in front of the titles as “” (although i do not want to display it on the website), but Kirby interprets initial numbers as sorting flags and removes them.

So i end up naming new pages (in panel) like this “d161027-event-name” and deleting the “d161027” part in the title afterwards (not the url), because i want no number in the title. It seems to work, but is not as elegant as i would wish for the user.

Do you know some other (easy) way to solve it?

You can set the “URL-appendix” separately from the title when creating pages. I have seen a lot of blogs that just add a “-2” at the end if the same URL is used twice, but of course you can use any naming scheme.

Thanks lukasbestle, this will work for me.