Overwrite some translations

Hi there,
I am currently setting up a French site using Kirby, and I want to overwrite some of the default french translation locally (I’d like to use gender neutral terms and inclusive language).

I tried in my config to do something like :

return [
    'translations' => [
        'fr' => [
            'login.remember' => 'Rester connecté·e'

But it doesn’t seem to overwrite the existing definition.
If possible I would like to avoid defining an entire copy of the french translation, where only a few words differ.

Hm, as far as I know, overriding the default translations is not possible. But this is actually a good idea and we should then have these as official translations. You can make suggestions on Transifex.

Thanks for the quick answer! I’ve sent a request to join the transifex team.
However, don’t you think having the ability to overwrite some of the translation terms in one’s own config to be valid use case?
Some people might like to be able to use some very specific personal idioms here and there.
Also, I understand many people visibly hate very much inclusive French, and imposing such a translation could be interpreted as a political choice, if pushing a bit.

I guess so. Then please create an issue in the ideas repo.