Override Kirby Cookie Name

How and where can I override kirby cookie name without replacing it under s.php?

I just want to change it so something else. I’ve tried extending S class in a plugin. But it doesn’t work on login.



public static $name = ‘kirby_session’;

is what I want to change to PHPSESSID.

I run this in a plugin and it works in the page but it doesn’t work to create the cookie for session or the session with the name.

class Child1 extends S {

    function settin() {

        self::$name = "PHPSESSID";    }

class Child2 extends S {

    function show() {


$c1 = new Child1();
$c2 = new Child2();
$c2->show(); // prints 2

Never mind this doesn’t work because something else is missing that’s not allowing kirby to write to files in the backend.

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