Addition session data in kirby

Currently in the frontend if I do


Everything is great and I can get the information from memcache that I need to hit webservices.

When I go to try and extend the panel and call a second session ID and Session Name from a cookie and have it start.

Then when I do a var dump kirby and our session data will be there to pull from.



There has to be an easy way to ask kirby to also get the session information from another session that is set. I’m looking if I find anything I will post it. But if someone out there knows. That would be awesome.



Stuff I’m trying.

if (c::get('PHPSESSID', true)) {
Echo "gettin' closer";
    $something = s::get('PHPSESSID');
    var_dump ($something);
   // var_dump($_SESSION);


If I just change

public static $name = ‘kirby_session’;

to my session name. Then all of kirby and my session data are there. This works, but it’s hacky. There has to be a better way.

$previous_name = session_name("PHPSESSID");
$name = 'PHPSESSID';
$session = s::start($name);
print_r ($_SESSION);
echo "The previous session name was $previous_name<br />";
echo '<pre>' . print_r($_SESSION, TRUE) . '</pre>';

Tried this it doesn’t work. You would think you could access the other sessions on here. It’s really hard to do. Hopefully someone else knows how to do it.


Doesn’t access my other session just the kirby one. See the last line works. Kirby_Auth_Secret. But other two don’t.

If I access them on the homepage they do, but not in the panel.

Which means I somehow have to start the session calling the other Session to and only returning the username and password.

echo $_SESSION['username'];
//echo "<pre>";
echo $_SESSION['password'];
echo $_SESSION['kirby_auth_secret'];

This is simular because I deleted the other post