Outputting tag text in front end

Is there a way to output tag “text’ on the front end and not just the lowercase tag value? When filtering content by tag, I’d like to use 2 words on the buttons.

There are different options, see Output label blueprint - #2 by texnixe

I can capitalise the words no problem but my blueprint looks like this. Can I output the tag ‘text’ values below. (ie not ‘yearsix’, but ‘Year 6 Posts’) on the front end.

                  label: Class Category or Tag
                  width: 1/2
                   - value: preschool
                      text: Pre-School Posts
                    - value: reception
                      text: Reception Posts
                    - value: yearone
                      text: Year 1 Posts
                    - value: yeartwo
                      text: Year 2 Posts
                    - value: yearthree
                      text: Year 3 Posts
                    - value: yearfour
                      text: Year 4 Posts
                    - value: yearfive
                      text: Year 5 Posts
                    - value: yearsix
                      text: Year 6 Posts

The post I linked to has several options. One of them was to access the blueprint, more information about this option in this cookbook recipe: Using blueprints in the frontend | Kirby CMS

However, this is not the most performant option, I’d go with a key-value mapping in config or use language variables in a multi-language site.