Option to hide the status icon in a pages section?

This is rather a cosmetic thing, but I’m hoping it’s manageble.

Fairly close to launch on client site. I have several templates, I don’t actually want the client to change the status of those pages. Other pages operate on the assumption that certain pages are visible and as such I don’t want it mucked with. So I’m setting options: status: false and that works the way I’d want it to, but it does give me this piece of UI…


Not the hugest deal here, but I’d anticipate the client being a little put off by several :no_entry_sign: icons in a row, as though that means the pages are somehow prohibited. Is there an option to just turn off/hide those status icons in a page section?

You could achieve that with a custom Panel stylesheet in combination with the Panel View Extended plugin:

I think you linked to the wrong plugin?

Yes, thanks, corrected.

Gonna try that plugin, thanks @texnixe