Open pages from panel with home being another page

I set my homepage to another page and use site.yml with sections/ tabs, like this:

But when I try to open a page from the panel it always opens the site/ homepage, not the actual page. In this example, if I try to open “IMPRESSUM” from the panel, it opens the homepage.

What am I missing or is this the regular behavior?

Changing the tab doesn’t change the current page, as long as you are on the Dashboard the open button will always open the home page.

Impressum etc. doesn’t even seem to be a page, but just some field in site.yml, right? If in doubt, please post your complete site.yml blueprint.

Sounds logical.

Yes, Impressum etc. are fields in site.yml but I have pages for them in the content folder and also have them as templates. Because I’m stupid, I also had yml files for them. Typing /impressum into the url bar brings me to those pages and they even show, what is in their fields :wink:

I guess thats just the way it is.

Then it would make sense to remove these parts from your site.yml again, otherwise the content is stored in two places? Unless you created those pages and they retrieve their content from site.txt?

I removed those blueprints when I realized my confusion. Those pages get their content from the site.yml/ site panel. That works fine and I really like these tabs in the site panel. On the other hand, it is maybe good to go with Kirbys original structure, so maybe I’ll need to go back to pages, no tabs.

While it might seem comfortable at first to have those tabs, in reality I think they are just cluttering your dashboard, for content of pages that you will hardly ever edit?

Yes, thats why I like to store them away in those tabs… :wink:


You know what works best for you :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally wouldn’t want to have all this text cramming my site.txt content file (given that legal and privacy are a lot of copy text).

Yeah, I have to make that properly. Up to now it is just a draft.