Edit separate pages from the Panel home

I’m working on a site with simple and flat structure and I would like panel to reflect that. Basically have Panel homepage (site.yml) with 4 tabs (same as on web front), from which editor can immediately control content of each of the pages, without having to list them fist and than open each one separately.

I’ve tried reusing and extending fields, tabs and layouts, but without success. Is this possible and if so, how? Thank you!

No, that’s not possible.

Thank you for quick reply.

I see the possible issues, like saving changes to multiple files at once :sweat_smile: … but I also see some UI/UX benefits in case something like that would be possible.

Well than, I’ll just go with default – land on simple page with 4 listed pages in overview.

I think is posible to do something similar creating new models for each datapages you want to show/save