One more sleep till Kosmos Episode 21

Our third edition this year will go out in a few hours to all subscribers.

For those of you who have never heard of Kirby Kosmos before, here are the important details:

  • Subscribe here:, and after you have done so, don’t forget to confirm your subscription and whitelist Kirby Kosmos
  • Kirby Kosmos comes out once a month, on the first Friday
  • We respect your data and don’t give it to anyone else
  • If you don’t want to sign up, you can still read Kirby Kosmos on our blog, a couple of weeks later, though
  • What’s in it? New plugins, projects made with Kirby, new themes, this and that from our industry (new tools, interesting articles, tutorial etc.)

'Nuff said, it’s your turn.



Nice! I would like to see a section of “How I did it?”, featuring the under the hood details of a website made by Kirby. Could be an interview to the developer/designer… just to read some tips that might be interesting to those of us creating with Kirby.

@rodrigogalindez Thanks for your feedback. Did you know that we do indeed have such stories on our website, but currently they are sort of hidden away in the blog, for example:

I didn’t! Really like those interviews as it shows how real people are using Kirby.

I am curious about the publishing delay on the blog website.
What is the advantage for readers and new visitors to get “old” content?
When I first heard about Kirby I visited the blog to see if the news are up to date (as an indication of the whole product status) and I was surprised that there was only news about an older Kirby version.
Personally I cannot see an advantage in this delay. People who are really interested in getting monthly news just in time would still subscribe but for the rest the content should be published simultaneously.
Maybe you can help me to understand this better!?
Thanks in advance.

Well, Kirby Kosmos was and is first and foremost a monthly email publication, intended to reaching out to people who are really interested in Kirby. Publishing it on the blog is more like a public archive and apart from the mention of new Kirby versions, the content in the newsletter doesn’t really have an expiry date. In the future, Kirby Kosmos will get its own archive.

Latest information about Kirby versions and time critical stuff like promotions etc. are also published on Twitter and here in the forum. Admittedly, the blog is not very up to date because as a small team, our focus is on other things right now, primarily on getting Kirby 3 out. On the other hand, a blog is not a newspaper, anyway.

Unfortunately, the link to the changelog as an indicator of the product status is a bit hidden away in the footer.

Hope this helps.