Kirby Kosmos Episode 6

Hey everyone,

Another month has gone by in a rush, and Kirby Kosmos episode 6, our monthly newsletter that keeps you updated with news around Kirby, plugins, our community and more, will land in your inbox tomorrow morning.

If you haven’t signed up yet, but don’t want to miss any future issues, sign up here.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback, likes, or suggestions.



Hi. Hmm. I didn’t get it in my inbox. Will this episode be available elsewhere?

Yes, we’ll publish it on the blog soon :wink:

Have you checked your spam folder?

Is there a reason why it’s not the other way around? Publish it on the site first and then just send a link to that post after that?

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Kirby Kosmos is intended as a newsletter, not a blog post, and publishing it on the blog is just a secondary use (archiving it) to make it available to people who have missed it.

Publishing it as a newsletter allows us to reach out to people who don’t visit the website or the forum regularly in a more personalized way. And sending out a simple link wouldn’t actually be very attractive.

Anyone want to forward it to me? I missed the boat. The email is MIA. could be many reasons why it didn’t land in my box. I could of sworn I got it last month.

Sure, I’ll forward it to you.


I already sent it. Did you get it?

Yep. In my spam. Thanks.

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