Once Panel is Installed - remove 'panel.install', true)?

Once I install the panel on my remote server, do I comment out the config setting that activates the installation?

c::set(‘panel.install’, true);

The reason I’m asking is that every time I hit the panel after a fresh deploy, it wants to redo the installation.

It should not do if you have at least one user account created. I still have this in my config and never see it again after the first account has been set. Do you deploy with no user accounts set?

You can set it to true for local and false for live using domain based configs.

I think it was happening because my deployment was overwriting the user directory every time.

Pretty sure I have it buttoned up, but I didn’t know about the domain-based configuration option. Thank you!

It is not necessary to set it to true for local development, because that works out of the box, anyway.

Setting the panel.install option to true on the remote server can be dangerous, so that setting should always be removed after Panel installation as explained in the docs.


This has never worked for me, I have always had to set it locally. I use vagrant and my sites use a .dev extension. I used to use .local which i think Kirby can detect, but ran into conflicts with a piece of software a couple of years ago.

Well, that is an exception then due to your setup. localhost works without any config setting.

As I said, if you don’t use multiple config files or if something is wrong with your config files, setting panel.installation to true is dangerous. So it is highly recommended to remove that line again, no matter in which config file.

Sure, safety first. … :slight_smile:

I was searching in the docs if I should remove panel.install after installation on my remote server. But couldn’t find any mention of it in the docs.
Is it still recommended?

The doc link from nov’17 was unresolved. But maybe on this page?


Yes, that is still recommended.

I added a pull request for the docs for this. Hope I did it the right way.

reference-article.txt #1417


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