Not show blog posts in default-langauge if they do not have content - Multi-language page

So when you have the website setup with more than one language you by default from Kirby get two content files if you create content in the none-default language. Is there a way avoid to show the content on the default language, if let´s say the textarea is empty?

          $articles = $pages->find('articles')
          ->filterBy('date', '<=', strtotime(date_default_timezone_get(date('Y-m-d'))))

This is how I get the blog list now. And this works great for the none-default language. But for the default language is still visible in the list. How will I need to go around the default language?

This should work if there is a text field:

->filterBy('text', '!=', '')
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Great @texnixe that worked like a charm! You are a life-saver! Thank you! :smile: :smile: :smile: