Not all images have been croped (Solution: Limitation of Webspace)

Hello everyone!

Once again I’m stuck. :frowning:

I’ve set up a projects- and project-side, like Bastian shows in his video. And on my project-side, I’ve got some images. They should be cropped.

<div class="saison-galerie">
						<?php foreach ($page->images() as $bild): ?>
								<a href="<?= $bild->url() ?>"> <?= $bild->crop(1200, 1200, 80) ?> </a>
						<?php endforeach ?>

On my local-machine all’s fine. But on the staging-server some images are not cropped. I’ve deleted the media-folder several times.

Any ideas, where to look up?

Thank you in advance.


Only some? If none of the images was cropped, I’d guess the GD library was missing.

Is there anything in particular about the files that don’t get cropped? File size maybe?

Hi Sonja!

Hmm, you raised - as always - a good point. After taking a closer look, I found the following:

Anmerkung 2020-12-31 152416

There seems to be a (invisible) dimention-limit on my webspace. After resizing the image and reuploading it, everything is fine.

I’ve never took care on dimentions. :innocent: I’ve just downloaded hugh sample-images from Unsample (Unsplash). But it’s a good finding, that there are limits on my webspace!

Happy new year! And take care.


Happy new year to you, too!

Glad you found the issue.