No thumbnails and panel not found

My provider and myself are out of ideas. I’ve installed Kirby’s starterkit master on a brand new server and no thumbnails are generated and I get an 404 if I try to access the panel.

  • no Nginx

  • PHP is 7.3.2 running as FPM/FastCGI

  • Apache is 2.4.25 (Debian)

  • GD is 2.2.5

  • User and group are the same as the Apache is running with

  • Directory rights are 775

  • File rights are 664

  • mbstring extension enabled

  • curl extension enabled

  • ctype extension enabled

  • gd extension enabled

  • The thumbnail directories in /media are generated and there is a .jobs directory with a JSON file eg:


Any help for solving these errors is highly appreciated.

But subpages work?

Thar I forgot to test and indeed, they don’t work.

Then maybe the .htaccess file is either missing, or is not respected or you have to set the RewriteBase.

Or I should have loaded the rewrite module in Apache in the first place. I am dumb af. Sorry for having bothered you – have a nice weekend never the less and thanks for you great help here. Much appreciated.

No worries. Enjoy the weekend :sunny: