No input file specified. When trying to access the panel


I’m having difficulty accessing the panel on a fresh install on my local environment. I’ve had a go at installing both a StarterKit and a PlainKit and both work fine until I try access the panel. All I see is ‘No input file specified.’ I’m seeing this on my local machine running Laravel Homestead as a server. I can access the homepage and subpages without issue. There isn’t a panel directory in the root directory of the website which is why I guess it’s reporting this.

I’m confused as I’ve been searching for hours and haven’t found a solution to this yet. I’ve tried searching around to see if I need to install the panel separately but according to the docs I should have everything I need already from downloading a kit.

One thing that’s strange is I can access the panel when I edit the config/config.php and change the panel’s slug value to something entirely different. But not sure why I should need to do that at all?

Thanks for your help

Kirby 3 doesn’t have a /panel directory in the root directory, the panel folders sits inside the /kirby folder.

You shouldn’t have to do that. Unless something in your local environment interferes with the panel URL.

Where does this error appear?

It appears on the page when I visit the panel

Hm, unfortunately, I’m not familiar with Laravel Homestead, but I assume you have to fix this on the server side somehow.

While this thread refers to Kirby 2, maybe it helps nevertheless: Kirby, Laravel Homestead and Nginx Configuration

I’ve just managed to fix it by removing the the extra line in the Homestead.yaml file:

type: kirby

It must be using some outdated config in the file now. Thanks for you help with this.