New Starter Kit 2.4.0 and User Logs

Hello all.

First, congratulations! Kirby is fantastic.

I’m using with some personal projects, and also as a “proof of concept” as a new documentation repository.

I have 2 simple questions:

1 - If I update to 2.4.0, my already deployed starterkit will be updated? Talking about the layout.

2 - In 2.4.0 we have some kind of log about the changes per user? I would like to create more users to change specific areas of the site, and I know that now I can, with 2.4 permissions. My question is about the log of this changes, with user identification.

Sorry by my rusted English!

Thanks in advance.


  1. If you only update the kirby and panel folders and do not upload the complete starterkit, then your layout will not be changed.

  2. No, there is no automatic log of changes done by users. You could implement something like this yourself, though (using hooks), or, for example, use one of the Git plugins (if you use Git, that is).

The changes per user are logged for the “Your last updates” widget in the Panel dashboard, but you shouldn’t rely on it as they are deleted at some point. Like @texnixe wrote: Storing the version history with Git would be the best way.

The information stored in “Your last updates” is only visible for the individual user, though, not as a log for admins.

Well, the admin could extract the information from the user files, but as both of us said, that’s not the intended use.

Thank you all very much for your help!

I just released a simple logger plugin, which creates an admin view where you can track changes made by each user (without using Git). Logs changes via hooks to a text file and displays them in a Panel view. Does not log the diffs between each change. Feel free to check it out.