Is there an Kirby Logfile History Plugin for the Dashboard in Kirby 3

for control, wich user is changing things in the backend. i would have an logfile or history. on an older kirby there was an plugin. is there a plugin for kirby 3 already available?

Not exactly, but this might be helpful:

There’s a very barebone plugin draft (marked as WIP, but I’ve once tried it and it worked well) that might do what you are looking for – no UI, though, just a plain ol’ log file:

@sebastiangreger Ah, thanks, that’s what I was looking for. Shouldn’t be difficult to create a view or a section to display the log file data, though.

As I read the OP’s message, I remembered “there was something once”, but it took me a moment to dig this out :smiley:

This indeed, in all its simplicity, is a very good template to build on – it just about covers the baseline mechanism of how to use hooks for logging.

ahh… thanks.

This guy has another abandoned WIP plugin: GitHub - medienbaecker/kirby-history

One could combine the two and create a history section with a user filter etc.

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