New domain extension not working in site/config

We’re launching a new site (, and can’t get the live config to activate (which is why looks broken now without JS). Is the domain extension too long?

I think, your JS path that end of file is wrong, use without .min

404 Found


Oh wow! So the config file is working for you? I’m not even getting that far to see that error. Mine is loading as if it were in the local or dev environment, looking for jQuery in node_modules instead of the CDN, and looking for the non-minified scripts.

So it seems like the site/config/ is working for you? (and revealing to you that path error)

Here’s a screenshot of my live site that is not triggering the live config setting.

Thanks for the help @ahmetbora! Turns out it was a firewall caching issue. I’m trying out a new firewall service at Media Temple and it comes with it’s own caching. May have some serious issues here including a new workflow—or I just turn the firewall caching off.