Redirection doesn't work in Live [config.php]

I have an issue regarding redirection, here redirection’s only working locally. when I test same web address at live it doesn’t work.

I have setup my routes in site/config/config.php

c::set('routes', array(
  	'pattern' => "let's-go",
        'action'  => function() {

      // Redirect let's-go -> lets-go

      //  redirect::to('lets-go');

      //  return go("lets-go");


I’ve tried those 3 of methods for redirection, but nothing seemed to work out.
Although redirecting using .htaccess works fine but I don’t want to use that.
If anyone’s familiar with this kind of issue help me.

Do. you use an additional. config file for your live site with routes?

No, I have only one config file.

does it work with patterns that do not. contain an apostrophe?

No !!, no route is working at live, which has been defined in config.php file.

any idea what’s going on here.

tried both, but nothing worked for me, actually no url is working for redirection, if i try to redirect with other path, without the apostrophes it also doesn’t work for it.