Need help for a "wrap home blog" customization


Thanks to holidays, I’m trying to work with Kirby.

My skills are very poor. So I’ve bought the Siimple theme and I’ve made some customizations.

That’s fine. But the last step is difficult for me and some help would be required.

The site is like a blog : the last articles are shown on the home page. But you can find a menu which works more or less like sections and sub-sections.

In my home-page I wish to show the “sections” and not the articles.

As I said, I know nothing but I feel like Sherlock Holmes and I can work for hours to find the proper way.

Here is the story of my failure
1/ With Firebug I’ve determined that the “wrap home blog” is managed with home.php
2/ I have played with template/home.php. Instead of
<?php snippet('home-projects') ?>
I wrote
<?php snippet('home-section') ?>

3/ I duplicated the snippet 'home-projects" and rename it as “home-section”

But off course I don’t want the same thing. So I dig my new "home-section"
I played with

<?php foreach ($pages->filterBy('template', 'projects')->children()->visible()->flip()->limit(5) as $article):?>

I’ve tried to change “projects” into “sections” and duplicate the template/projects into template/sections

I’ve tried differents combinaisons : I remplaced projects by sections, I’ve created new blueprint (sections appears in my panel)… But at the end I couldn’t not change the “wrap home blog” into a “wrap home menu”

I know it’s a bit confused sorry about that but if you can put me into the right track I’ll be happy


First of all, I think you’re on the right way. But for me it’s not clear what you mean with “sections”? What sort of content do you want to show? Could you please try to explain it?

Maybe it’s because I don’t know the theme you’re using in detail …

Hello @plocploc, Thank you for having purshased the theme Siimple, please feel free to contact me by email, I will help you to customize the theme according to your needs.


Thanks Flokosiol

It looks like Costa, the designer of the theme, will help so I’m in good hands.

But for the others, let me put that as clearly as I can.

The Siimple theme is a very good one : simple like a blog with a home scrolling page (sorry I don’t know the exact words for that) and complex like a website with differents projects.

The home page shows differents blocks related to recent articles (like a blog would do). But in the menu you can show all the “articles” of a project. And you can do projects as much as you wish.

In a way the projects work like a section and the articles like subsections.

Instead of showing articles (aka subsections) in the home-blog page I’d like to show projects (aka sections)

Costa will fix that in 5 minutes, I let you know guys.

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Alright, thanks for the reply @plocploc.

I love the Siimple theme too. It’s simple (as the name suggests) yet so powerful and well coded. I’m sure @Constantin will help you out :wink:

@Constantin helped me very quickly and sent me the website I was looking for. I want to thank him again.
Let me tell you that the theme is damned good work. Siimple and poowerful. France is great again ! :wink:


Cheers from France :flag_fr: :flag_fr: :flag_fr: !

@plocploc & @Thiousi thank you so much for your kind words!

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